Joe Peña’s Ludwigsburg
Cantina y Bar

Your Mexican restaurant in Ludwigsburg

Lunch Specials

Ensalada “Yolanda”
Market-fresh lettuce on a balsamic dressing, served with freshly fried mushrooms, served with fresh baguette bread · 6.50 Euro
Ensalada “Camembert”
Market-fresh leaf salads on our house dressing, served with breaded, freshly baked camembert, served with fresh baguette bread · 6.50 Euro
Torta Dulce
Donauwelle with cream € 2.00
including espresso 3.00 euros

Pizza Classico

with tomato sauce, salami, ham, mushrooms and cheese · 6,00 Euro

Pizza Bollywood

with tomato sauce, cheese, chicken, pineapple and a touch of curry · 6,00 Euro

Pizza Bari

with tomato sauce, cheese, cherry tomatoes, olives and thyme · 6,00 Euro

Pasta Carbonara

Pasta tossed in a sauce of bacon, egg and cream, garnished with parmesan · 6.90 euros

Original Caesar’s Salad

According to the original recipe from “Caesar’s Palace” in Tijuana. Romaine lettuce is served in a creamy dressing made from Parmesan, cold-pressed olive oil, finely pureed anchovy fillets and garlic croutons. We serve baguette with it. · 6,50 Euro

Lentejas Estilio Joe Peña’s (Vegan)

Vegan lentils, spaetzle and string sausages (from the vegetarian butcher) · 6,90 Euro

Cheese schnitzel with tortilla crust

Baked Gouda in a breading of tortillas, on a Mexican salad of tomatoes, beans, corn and spring onions · 7,50 Euro

Pork shoulder steak

Freshly roasted marinated pork neck steak, served with wild potatoes, herb sour cream and melted onions with a salad bouquet · 7,50 Euro

Ensalada Verdura

Market-fresh leaf salads on our house dressing, served with fried Mediterranean vegetables, served with fresh baguette bread. · 7,90 Euro

Ensalada “Salmon”

Market-fresh leaf salads on our house dressing, served with fried breaded saithe strips, with fresh baguette bread · 6,50 Euro


Ensalada “Crispy Chicken”

Market-fresh lettuce on a honey mustard dressing, served with freshly baked, breaded chicken breast strips, with fresh baguette bread.· 6,50 Euro

Chicken Wings

Spicy chicken wings with BBQ sauce, wedges and salad · 6,50 Euro

Cannelloni con Carne

cannelloni filled with beef in a tomato sauce, gratinated with cheese and served with a large bouquet of salad · 6,90 Euro

Calabacin Estillio Joe Peña’s (Vegetarian)

Zucchini boats baked with cheese, filled with sheep’s cheese and tomatoes, refined with fresh herbs, served with rosemary potatoes and salad · 6,90 Euro

Caesar’s Salad (Red Snapper)

with red snapper fillet, spicy fried with homemade seasoning, thyme, oregano and garlic. · 7,90 Euro

Caesar’s Salad

with grilled strips of chicken breast. · 7,90 Euro

Burrito Carne Molida

Large rolled wheat tortilla, filled with California meat (beef), potatoes, sour cream and cheese, served with a rice bouquet and salad · 6.90 euros

1 with dye • 2 preservatives • 3 nitrite pickling salt • 4 blackened